What our clients think


What our clients think


See what some of our Hypnodieting clients have to say about their experiences:

“Hypnodieting has changed my life. I feel happier than I have in years and I know it is down to the first idea of Hypnodieting, if you love yourself everything else then becomes so simple.

Because I now love myself I look after myself and make sure I have something healthy to eat at the correct times and also make sure I drink plenty of water during the day.

Because I am eating properly I am no longer tired all the time and want to go out and do more and this means I am doing more exercise.

Because I am now my own best friend I make sure if I have a bad day I don’t beat myself up and the give up I just give myself a talking to and carry on towards my goal.

Because I now know I am worth it I do not agree to everything and feel obliged all the time and then feel put upon.

I know to make sure I only do the things I want to and do things I am asked to do with good grace. This means I have much more time for those I love and this has not only improved my relationships with my family it meant due to having a much better work/life balance I am much more productive in my job as I no longer feel stressed and overworked.

I have learnt through the program how to deal with my bad habits and trigger points and now make sure I do something else rather than just eat.

The way that the Hypnodieting program works by each session introducing another new idea worked really well for me, as over a 2 month period I was able to gradually change all my bad habits and turn into the person I had always wanted to be.

I now enjoy food and am in control after years of feeling like food was in control of me.
I now love myself and don’t feel guilty that I am overweight as I know I am working towards being a thinner me but I will still be me.

I am no longer stressed at work and sleep so much better.

I have a goal to my life which I am working towards and know each day I am a step closer.

Thanks Paul as this is really working for me and has changed my life”.
Julie Meakins. Herts

“I picked up a lot of bad eating habits over the years – I’m sure many of us do. The Hypnodieting sessions have helped guide me back on to a better path and have given me the personal resource to stay on that path. There is a great sense of freedom gained by no longer being subject to overwhelming and unnecessary cravings. Coupled with sound nutritional guidance, these sessions have given me more confidence about my future health than I would’ve thought possible before I started them”
T. D. – Hertfordshire.

“I found yesterday’s session very constructive indeed – the first evening trying our plan worked wonderfully! Warmest wishes”.
C.S. – Radlett

“The sessions with you have been a real eye opener and made me feel much more confident about myself taking a new direction.  I have been on a few workshops and short courses already, and there are more on the way…

People have asked how I’ve lost weight and are surprised when I say hypnosis and are really interested about how it works, so I tell them all about Hypnodieting and how wonderful it is.”
Cheryl Worley

“I’d like to thank you for everything that you have done and for giving me an amazing insight into the possibilities available”.
A.S. – Highgate

“I am really thankful for the tools you have given me and happy to say that I am feeling so much better”.
N.G. – Hendon

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