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Patricia Osborne

Patricia Osborne HypDip Clinical Hypnotherapy, RMN, CBT PGDip, MIFHB. GHR, RCN, & FHT, Registered.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Swansea I have developed Rejuvination Body & Mind in Harmony as a way of bringing together both ancient and modern practises within a dynamic Floatation Centre. My interest in working with people started many years ago. I have worked in the NHS with Adults, Children and Young People and I have found it very exciting in helping many people take the first step in changing the way they live their lives.

As a way of helping people with pain and suffering I discovered the impressive results of working with Hypnotherapy, CBT and Alternative Therapies. It has been an honour to have helped so many people to discover ways to build confidence, self belief and a sense of respect as they discover many tips to transform their success.

These amazing life transformations can provide a space to allow a sense of achievement and get results to enable a sense of calm, happiness and freedom.  If you are ready to feel really good about yourself and your relationship towards health, Call Now.

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T: 01792 421187
M: 07594435804
Web: www.rejuvination.co.uk

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