Weight Loss in Hertfordshire and Fad Diets

Doctors Blame ‘Fad’ Diets for Short-Term Weight Loss, Obesity Epidemic

Being overweight can be one of the most distressing conditions that we can experience, and there is no shortage of “quick-fix” fashionable diet regimes being promoted relentlessly through every medium that we access. But if you are seriously considering one of these celebrity “fad” diets for weight loss in Hertfordshire, do please read our articles before you commit. Doctors have warned that fad diet plans can do more harm than good, offering only a short-term, unsustainable weight loss solution. In many cases, it would not be wrong to say that such diets actually keep people fat and fuel the obesity epidemic. Conservative estimates predict that, by 2050, only one in ten Britons is expected to enjoy a healthy weight. One of the most important points that we stress through our weight loss in Hertfordshire Hypnodieting Programme, is that Hypnodieting is the only genuine “non-diet diet programme”. We believe that no drastic dieting regime will be effective in the long term and our approach for weight loss in Hertfordshire is designed to help you achieve permanent weight loss and complete well-being.

Fad Diets Don’t Help Weight Loss

Researchers are of the opinion that those attempting to lose weight must address the amount they eat in general in the context of their complete lifestyle, rather than following diets that offer only a short-term solution. Professor Chris Hawkey, the British Society of Gastroenterology president, suggests avoiding extreme diets such as the apple diet, which recommends eating only grapefruit, fruit and seeds and claims to fight disease.

It has been found that most dieters try almost anything that offers a quick-fix to get back into shape, but are still not prepared to follow a rational eating and exercise regimen for long-term weight loss. In our Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire, we believe that ‘how’ you eat is as important as ‘what’ you eat along with ‘why’ and ‘when’ you eat. Built around cognitive behavioural and hypnotherapy techniques, the programme helps you address existing unhelpful behaviour and habits, including of course current or past eating patterns. The programme encourages you to accept natural changes in your lifestyle, giving a greater feeling of self-esteem and resulting in sustainable and permanent weight loss.

Dieting Ends in Short-Term Weight Loss

Extreme diets with less than 1,100 calories per day can often carry serious health risks, since they are insufficient in vitamins and minerals. It has also been shown that these restrictive diets will often lead to “yo-yo” dieting; resulting in overeating and subsequent obesity. In these regimes, there is only short-term weight loss, with fluids being lost initially, followed by a slight loss of fat. An unfortunate side-effect of these diets can also be the loss of muscle, which may account for over 30% of the weight loss. In this regard, Professor Hawkey claims that certain unhealthy foods associated with some of the established diet regimes may have been irresponsibly promoted. This has attracted a number of individuals toward these fad diets and has inadvertently fostered subsequent overeating, resulting in the rise of pathological eating attitudes and even eating disorders, such as bulimia, anorexia, and orthorexia, and malnutrition. The National Audit Office estimates that one in four adults in Britain is obese and 38 percent of the British are overweight, with 30,000 obese people dying every year in the country due to strokes, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

According to David Haslam, the National Obesity Forum chairman, restrictive diets simply don’t work and the most effective weight loss method is to introduce “sustainable” changes in your dietary intake, eat sensibly and increase physical activity. The Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire believes that any weight loss method that doesn’t address behavioural change risks failure, and that the long-established hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques that the Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire utilise for establishing this change in behaviour, are ideal for promoting sustainable, healthy weight loss.