Michaela Cotty


Hypnodieting in Poole Dorset – Michaela Cotty

Michaela Cotty DHP

Hi I’m Michaela, I’ve been in media all of my life and tolerated the stress and strains of that intense work place.  I had long been looking to make changes both personally and in my career and this eventually became possible thorough my training as a Hypnodieting Consultant.

I had always been interested in hypnotherapy and how the subconscious or habitual mind works; and looking further in to this I realised I had found my niche, so I took the step to become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and achieved the prestigious DHP (Practitioners Diploma of Hypnotherapy).

I absolutely love hypnotherapy in all its aspects and helping people with issues like smoking cessation; stress management; phobia elimination and many others –  but my passion is Hypnodieting. And knowing how it has helped me so much; I’m committed to helping you too. I no longer battle with my own conscience about what to eat or not to eat, or if I’m “bad” or “good”, or which “diet” will work forever or dream of a magic pill.

The magic of permanent weight loss is in the mind  – and my wish is help you to realise it too!

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