How it works


How it works

Spending years trying different ‘miracle’ diets and constantly fighting a losing battle with your body takes a heavy toll on your self-esteem. Being happy with your body is about being happy with yourself; and Hypnodieting understands this!

When you first join a Hypnodieting program, you will undergo a thorough and in-depth consultation with your trained Hypnodieting Consultant. They will explain to you in great detail how Hypnodieting can help to eliminate that endless conflict between your imagination and your will. This means ending the frustration that you feel when you know what you ‘ought’ to do, but ‘just can’t do it’

Over a course of typically six sessions, you will be encouraged and supported as you develop and maintain a sound new relationship with food and a new healthy attitude to eating. Hypnodieting will show you interesting and exciting new ways to re-establish the body’s natural weight control processes that are so often sabotaged by harsh diet regimes. And day by day your confidence and self-esteem will grow as you begin to establish wonderful new habits – the new Hypnodieting habits that will boost your metabolism and allow your body to naturally begin to shed excess weight.

Your personal Hypnodieting Program will be strictly confidential and sessions are always conducted one-to-one. There is no ‘off-the-shelf’ system – everything is about you as an individual. Our experienced and understanding Hypnodieting Consultants are all Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists trained and certified to deliver the unique Hypnodieting Program. They will make your life-changing Hypnodieting experience an empowering and wonderfully enjoyable journey.

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