The Hypnodieting Course and Trainers

The Hypnodieting Course and Trainers

The Hypnodieting Training Courses take place in the modern and convenient Longcroft House which is situated just opposite Liverpool Street Station in the heart of the City of London.

Your Course trainers in London are Paul Levrant, Yvonne Wake, David Holmes, Robert Russell, and Erika Keat. Hypnotherapy training modules are delivered by David, Robert, and Erika, and the Hypnodieting Consultancy training is provided by Yvonne and Paul. All of them are highly experienced in each of their specialist fields and are there to ensure that you receive the very best training and learning experience possible.

The highly detailed Course material is fully explained with every aspect covered in great depth. The London Hypnotherapy training modules provide Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training to Diploma level, and the qualifications are recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK); and the relevant topics within the Course comply with Core Competency Topics as required by National Occupational Standards (CC NOS).

The training Courses are designed as an interactive learning programme so that every new Consultant will leave with a complete understanding of the highly relevant and practical Course material that is unique to the Hypnodieting training experience.

You will be fully confident in your ability as a fully-qualified Hypnotherapist trained and ready to deliver the Six-Session Hypnodieting weight-loss Programme to your clients from the moment you leave. Your training will gain you full recognition as a professional Hypnotherapist, and enable you to begin your Hypnotherapy and Hypnodieting Consultancy practice immediately.

Your Course Trainers make every effort to ensure that the training seminars are highly enjoyable as well as informative and instructive; and the relaxed atmosphere in the Longcroft House training rooms in the heart of the City of London encourages the participation and interaction that makes the learning so dynamic and engaging.

We look forward to personally welcoming you on the Course.

Paul Levrant

Paul Levrant HPD DipH DipNLP CertCBT CertSM GQHP MNCH(Reg)

Paul is the founder of Hypnodieting Ltd and the originator of the Six-Session Hypnodieting Programme. A practising Clinical Hypnotherapist himself, he has spent many hundreds of clinical hours developing and testing the Course through his own clients.

He is passionate about training standards and the importance of reputation; and he is dedicated to the future development and growth of the Hypnodieting brand.

You can visit Paul’s personal website HERE. Paul provides Hypnotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) at his practises in the City of London, North London and Hertfordshire.

Yvonne Wake

Yvonne Wake BSc. MSc. RPHNutr.

Yvonne is a Public Health Nutritionist and lectures at a London University on Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing. Her current PhD research relates to childhood obesity.

She has been involved in the business of Health and Wellbeing for over 35 years and has had considerable success in changing people’s lives during this time through her expertise, knowledge and relevant qualifications in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health and Wellbeing.

Yvonne firmly believes that the poor lifestyle habits that encourage bad health can be addressed and changed through the Hypnodieting approach.

David Holmes

David Holmes HPD Dip.H psych Cert.CBT Cert.SM Cert.E pshyc Dip.NLP NLP master practitioner MNCH

David is a highly experienced Trainer in the fields of Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT. He has assisted scores of people from all walks of life to become qualified and successful practitioners and therapists.

He strives tirelessly to promote and demonstrate the truly amazing benefits that Hypnosis, NLP and CBT can bring; and is a major force in the movement towards bringing consistent and recognised regulation into the industry.

His commitment and desire to develop Hypnodieting Consultants of the very highest caliber make his seminars truly inspirational and wonderfully absorbing.

Read more on David at his personal website and learn more about his general hypnotherapy work in Watford.