Become a Hypnodieting Consultant

Become a Hypnodieting Consultant


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The Hypnodieting Consultancy Training Course

There are new opportunities available right now for you to become a qualified Hypnodieting Consultant and run your own successful, ethical business.

We provide first class extensive training here in London in all aspects of delivering the Hypnodieting Programme, whether you are currently a practising Hypnotherapist, or looking to develop a new ethical and successful career.

If you are currently a Hypnotherapist, adding the Hypnodieting Weight Loss Programme to the range of therapies you already provide gives you the potential to quickly grow your weight loss clientele through becoming part of the Hypnodieting Brand.

If you are not yet a trained Hypnotherapist, but are looking for a highly rewarding new career path; then becoming a Hypnodieting Consultant gives you a unique opportunity to run your own independent practice.

The issue of weight loss and the damaging effect of obesity are becoming increasingly important to the individual and to society; and thousands more people will be seeking an effective and safe method of weight loss over the coming years.

Your Hypnodieting training will provide you with a complete set of unique skills for you to help these people to regain their health and to lose weight while at the same time growing your own successful Hypnotherapy practice.

Our Hypnodieting Consultants enjoy their independence; as well as all the benefits that come with being associated with the UK’s fastest growing ethical weight loss programme.

There are two parts to the Course:

Part One – Hypnotherapy Training: This part of the training Course is for those applicants who are not currently qualified Hypnotherapists. Our highly experienced trainers will give you all the skills you need to confidently deliver the Hypnodieting Programme to your weight loss clients.

You then go on to complete Part Two of your training as a Hypnodieting Consultant detailed below. The Course also includes comprehensive and detailed training on how to set up and run a successful practice.

If you would like full details of this Course, please click on “I am not a Hypnotherapist” below.

Part Two – Hypnodieting Consultancy: This  part is only available to those applicants who have completed Part One of the Course, or who are currently Hypnotherapists qualified to an acceptable minimum standard. Full and complete training is provided, including background information on obesity and nutrition.

Our Course is unique, and over the two days of intensive training, you will develop a deep understanding of the vital principles of weight loss and receive an invaluable tool kit to enable you to successfully treat your weight loss clients.

If you would like full details of this Course, please click on “I am a Qualified Hypnotherapist” below.

All our training is delivered in London.


New Course Dates For Central London 2021:

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